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5 important things to check before you hire a professional photographer

It’s a tradition to capture milestones by professional photographer to remember these moment forever.  No matter what it is: engagement, wedding, pregnancy photoshoot, newborn session, birthday party or a business headshot, who will do this for you not all the same.

These are my 5 tips to check before you hire a professional.

1, Style: Nowadays we can choose from a huge variety of photographers and gender. Choose the right professional if you like not only his style, but his views as well. For example, the colours he uses, if the person is an outdoor or indoor photographer, does he capture real moments or studio style, set photoshoot. You need to identify with the artist.

2, Price: I know there is a wide range of investments, but if I were you, I would choose a little bit more expensive photographer, who offers better quality rather than who goes under the market price but the quality is poor. The quality comes first. You should go with someone who gives you smaller number of pictures in excellent quality than someone who gives you tons of images in a poor quality. You know the saying, less is sometimes more.

3, Reliability: These days most providers have a website, business fb page, where you can check the portfolios and previous work and reviews, forums what the clients said. You should always do this background check on the provider.

4, Quality: As an incompetent person, it is difficult to realise what the differences between a good and not that good images are. Couple of things can be noticed even if you are not a professional.

Sharpness: In my opinion, I prefer to unsharpen the backgrounds and focus on the eyes. They are the only thing that you can’t retouch afterwards.  The unsharpened pictures are just waste of time and money.

Colors (or white balance): In a nutshell colors should reflect reality. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lof of images from amatour photographers where the colours don’t have natural effect. They look too yellow or blue or whatever...Watch out for the details.

5, Place: We must mention about an important factor: where the photoshoot takes place.  It is worth travelling long distances in order to have an outdoor photoshoot but if you prefer a studio one, then choose someone nearby who is good for your expectations.

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