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Photos, the little keepers of memories

I've been asked multiple times why did I choose photography as a business. My answer is simple: I wish to capture the moments of happiness. My ethos is to record the transient moment of our lives. The moments of happines, the moments of smiles, love and tender touches.

Children grown up so quickly, moments will pass so easily, however, a photo shoot helps not only to provide a great experience but an eternal souvenir. Providing this is so much more than just a simple present. Thinking back on my own life I do miss a lot of missed moments what will never come again. I never would have thought that it is not that natural and obvious to have all members of my family to be around me. It has sadly changed. So becoming a photographer warned and guided me to spend more time with my family, to capture and treasure those photos and experiences.

Each of those moments, even seconds of our lives are special, capturing them is a must. Let's preserve those moments then, together, for each other and ourselves.

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Would you like to gift a very special present to your family?

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