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What does retouching mean for me?

What happens during retouching?

When I finish a photoshoot the images are not done - the second part of my job is just beginning.

First of all, I select the best photos from the gallery which is often the hardest part of retouching for me: choosing the best 10-20 images for my client.

Details are very important and I like this to reflect in the best pictures.

Retouching photographs is not cheating. It’s not about taking a random photo and making it better, it’s about choosing a great photo and making it amazing.

A few subtle changes across the board add up. Those subtle changes can include crop, contrast, white balance, shadows, saturations and slight corrections in skin tones, skin texture and wrinkles.

Ultimately, it’s all about finding the golden way for the final result.

Although the retouching process is long, the images look so much better and the time spent on the process pays off. The final result is bringing out the best of my clients while keeping the natural beauty.




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